Spain to record all citizens who refuse to take vaccines

With different vaccinations springing up, some Spanish citizens vowed to resist the vaccine and the government has promised to register them.

All citizens who reject vaccines to be registered

The Spanish authorities have stepped up the pace to register all citizens who refuse to take vaccines against coronavirus for whatever reasons. They also promise to share this list with other European Union countries, according to the health minister.

Salvador Illa stated that this list will be between the government and will be unavailable to employers or the public. He insisted that the only avenue that COVID-19 virus could be defeated was through vaccination of the entire citizens to make everyone safe.

Spain sees vaccine an avenue to reduce COVID-19 fatalities

Spain has been one of the countries greatly affected by the pandemic, and they have recorded many fatalities.

The government is presently rolling out the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which has been approved by relevant health authorities and by other EU countries. Speaking with reporters on television on Monday, Mr. Illa insisted that the vaccination would not be forced on any Spanish citizen. According to him:

“What we will do is to have a register of people that have been offered it and have simply declined it, which we will be shared with other EU countries,” he said. “This document will be available to the public, and it will be done with the privacy of people in mind.”

Illas added: “individuals who are provided a medication but refuse will be written in the register… We will ensure that there is data theft or error, we also want to make it clear that we provided treatment and the individual declined, that is why registering it.“

In a recent poll, the number of individuals who promise to refuse vaccines has dropped from 35% in October to 29% in the last week.