Top 4 most frequent cyber-attacks

A cyber-attack is any offensive action dedicated to attacking a computer network. There are different types of cyber-attacks. However, some cyber-attacks are much more frequent are available. Here is a top 4 of the most frequent cyber-attacks!

Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoDS) attacks

The DoS denial of service attack is a cyber-attack that consists of overloading the resources of the computer system. It overwhelms it with requests that go far beyond its maximum capacity. The DDoDS attack is also a cyber-attack that targets system resources. However, it spreads through other host machines infected with malware. Want to know how to protect yourself against these attacks? Discover the blog dedicated to the KoDDoS host..

The TCP SYN Flood attack

The SYN Flood cyber-attack is a computer attack aimed at achieving a denial of service. This attack consists of sending a large number of SYN requests to the targeted network. It is also important to specify that the SYN flood attack is applied within the framework of a reliable transmission protocol called TCP. This attack completely paralyzes the targeted computer network.

The Teadrop attack

The Teadrop attack is a cyber-attack whose principle is to insert erroneous information into fragmented packets of the Sequential Internet Protocol (IP). In order to defend itself, the attacked computer system tries to reconstruct the packets, without success. This results in the system becoming disoriented and eventually crashing.

The Smurf attack

The Smurf attack is also an extremely frequent cyber-attack. It takes place in two stages. First, the attacker tries to retrieve the IP address of the targeted computer by spoofing. Once this is done, the attacker sends a maximum stream of ICMP ECHO packets to broadcast addresses. It is important to note that ICMP ECHO packets are also known as ping and each ping contains the spoofed address of the targeted computer.  Afterwards, the broadcast will be transmitted to all computers on the network, which in turn will send replies to the attacked computer. This computer will then receive a maximum number of replies, which has the effect of saturating its bandwidth.

Other cyber-attacks such as ping of death and botnets are also very popular.



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