Which sectors have been revolutionized by AI?

Advances in technology and science have led to the development of AI. Today, it is an integral part of people's lives and is useful in many areas. In fact, it has revolutionized many sectors. What are the sectors that have been revolutionized by AI?


The world of games has evolved considerably with artificial intelligence. Indeed, many algorithms now allow gamers to customize their favorite video games. Many developers use AI to improve the design of video games. All this will improve the gaming experience of players. To learn more about this, please visit https://www.tentonhammer.com/articles/how-ai-could-help-video-gamers-creates-the-exact-games-they-want .


AI has enabled the development of many machines such as the learning machine.  This machine plays a crucial role in the treatment of many diseases and even allows tumors to be identified early enough. However, the learning machine is not the only revolution. Many software programs are used today to provide patients with much better care.


If there is one area where AI has enabled a real revolution, it is undoubtedly transportation. It has allowed the development of very sophisticated cars with a certain autonomy. Although the fully autonomous car does not exist for the moment, it will soon. Many car manufacturers around the world are waging a real battle to develop the first 100% autonomous car. AI is simply at the center of the mobility of the future.

The banking and financial sector

Artificial intelligence is nowadays very present in the banking and financial field, especially through chatbots and many other software. Chatbots, for example, make it possible to respond to the concerns of their customers. AI is also used in the field of financial investment. Many banks even generally use software in order to know if they should grant a loan or not.


AI has allowed a very big step forward in the field of communication. Today, the voice function is an integral part of human daily life. However, voice-controlled devices work thanks to algorithms. Many social networks and applications, including Facebook, use many algorithms every day. This makes it easier to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

AI has revolutionized many other areas including industry, entertainment, legal, etc. AI has simply made the world a much more beautiful place.

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